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Stocks can be Veblen Goods

The fundamental rule taught in Economics 101 is the inverse relation between the price of a good and its quantity demanded (referred to as demand henceforth). In other words, the more expensive something becomes, lesser the demand for it is... Continue Reading →

Surviving Bacterial Infections and Downturns

The evolution of how humans have combated infectious diseases is a good template to understand how an investor's handling of the bad times will evolve. The 'newbie' practices the crude exercise of blood letting (letting blood out to cure an... Continue Reading →

Do I want to be right or Do I want to make money?

When a self proclaimed writer/ investor claims 'Investment is the ultimate liberal art', a title such as this is bound to raise eyebrows- has she crossed over to the dark side? Over time I have been made to accept that... Continue Reading →

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