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English, Hinduism and M&A

Two of the largest cultural success stories that I can think of are the English Language and Hinduism. Multiple centuries, influences, conflicts and contenders later, both still command an influence over a billion human beings on planet earth. An exploration... Continue Reading →

Story of the year: FY22

For the past three years, it has become tradition for me to pick a ‘story of the year’ at the conclusion of every financial year. The idea is to take stock of the year and then drown out all the... Continue Reading →

Best Books I read in 2021

I chose to become an investor primarily for my love for reading. Reading across disciplines and masking that as work (along with making money, ofcourse) has been a big motivator. It is therefore only right (and now a tradition!) for... Continue Reading →

Thomas Bayes and Compounding

Recently while speaking of a portfolio bet, I was quizzed on position sizing within the portfolio. By letting a winner run, without trimming its wings, have I let the position become too 'big' within the portfolio? Have I in turn... Continue Reading →

The Best Books I Read in 2020

This year has led us to coin our own corollary to ‘never judge a book by its cover’; ‘never predict the end of a news cycle from its start’. In order to not get bogged down by the news cycle... Continue Reading →

What Jainism can teach us about investing in cyclicals

One of the popular practices in Jainism is tap (a form of austerity), to achieve the ability to detach from karma (material and emotional bondages in this world- not to be confused with the Hindu interpretation of the word) and... Continue Reading →

Stocks can be Veblen Goods

The fundamental rule taught in Economics 101 is the inverse relation between the price of a good and its quantity demanded (referred to as demand henceforth). In other words, the more expensive something becomes, lesser the demand for it is... Continue Reading →

The Best Books I Read in 2019

and what I learnt from them. Investment is the ultimate liberal art. This necessitates us to be learning machines; reading across the board, and applying ideas from various subject areas to our processes. As we look forward to a new... Continue Reading →

Surviving Bacterial Infections and Downturns

The evolution of how humans have combated infectious diseases is a good template to understand how an investor's handling of the bad times will evolve. The 'newbie' practices the crude exercise of blood letting (letting blood out to cure an... Continue Reading →

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